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I never expected to be doing this work. 

When I was in my early forties, I was working full time as a project manager, was married and had two young boys.  I also was completely overwhelmed with my life and my obligations. 

The phrase that kept banging around in my head was “Is this all there is to life?”.  I wasn’t suicidal, but I certainly was far from happy.  So I started searching – and finally came upon the work of Dr. Greg Baer who proposes that what we all really need in order to thrive is to receive unconditional love -  lots of it.  Without it we shrivel up inside and act out in many unkind and even mean ways.  I dove into this work and joined a support group where I was encouraged to be truly myself.  Then, with the help of a coach I started learning even more – I learned new ways of seeing the world and making changes in how I interacted with my family.  Over time, my family life and my happiness and stress levels improved enormously.  Today I have a great relationship with my adult sons.  And – even though my marriage ended, we had – what you could call – a peaceful divorce, and my ex-husband and I have a very amicable relationship now.

So when my divorce was over, I listened to my inner voice and went in a different direction professionally.  Since I had already done many years of intense emotional growth work for myself, I wanted to continue that work and help others avoid the mistakes I had made.  In 2011 I received my coaching certification, and I continue my training by attending workshops every year.  Along the way I discovered a rich spiritual life that supports me with my meditation practice and retreats.  Most importantly though, I receive support and guidance from my own coaches regularly.


Today I coach people from throughout the US – helping them lead happier, more fulfilling and productive lives and enjoy their relationships.

I also host relationship workshops and teach parenting classes.

I'd love to talk with you - feel free to contact me either by phone or by email.  My contact information is listed below.

  • 2011 Certified Life Coach

  • Ph.D. in Physics

  • hosted Relationship Workshops

  • facilitated loving support groups for 10 years

  • taught Parenting Classes

  • hosted Parenting Workshops

PS:  After my son graduated from the excellent therapeutic boarding school he had attended for 18 months, I joined the school's Parents Foundation.  For 8 years I helped support their parents.  As part of that work I helped create and then conducted a variety of parenting education and support programs.  While conducting the parenting education programs on the school campus, I was also able to learn from the staff of this exceptional school about what worked for them.  I watched them teach the kids patiently and kindly, always making sure that love and clear communication was foremost.  As I kept visiting (sometimes 4 times a year), I was able to observe the same students grow emotionally and become stronger and more responsible.  It was a delight and an honor to witness!

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