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Bringing Back the Love

8-Session Transition Support Group

Join experienced Parent Coaches Inge Jechart and Sarah MacKay Lynch.

  • Have a teen in residential treatment or recently returned home?

  • Read every parenting book but still frustrated with your teen at times – or scared?

  • Wondering HOW and WHEN you will get YOUR life back?



What would it feel like to:

  • Connect with other parents who are experiencing the transition process

  • Practice setting/holding limits without losing connection

  • Replace frustration with curiosity and understanding

  • Address parenting challenges calmly


Transition Support Group - 8 Sessions

DATES:  June 27 -  October 24;  every 2nd Thursday

(Session Dates:  June 27; July 11, 25; August 8, 22; September 5; October 3, 24)

TIME:  6:30 – 8:30pm PDT

LOCATION:  Online, using Zoom*

(1)  Package of 8 Sessions:  $280

   This option also includes:

      - two 30-minute coaching sessions

      - additional coaching sessions available at reduced rates

      - email support for the duration of Group
      - access to additional resources


(2)  Package of 3 Sessions:  $95; Includes:

      - one 30-minute coaching session

      - email support for 2 weeks following each session

      - any 3 sessions you choose

(3)  Drop in on a Session:  $25

      - Early reservation/payment recommended

      - Pending availability of space

Contact Sarah: 

Inge Jechart, Ph.D., is a certified Life and Relationship Coach and the mother of two adult sons.  She coaches parents and couples from all over the country.  She has facilitated a local support group for over 10 years and hosts a national support call that’s available to anyone.  She was a board member of the Monarch Parents Foundation, an organization that provides support and programming to families with children at risk.  There she helped create and conduct a variety of parenting education and support programs.
Sarah MacKay Lynch, M.A., is a certified Parent Coach, former high school teacher and the mother of a newly minted 18 year old. Sarah’s parenting credo is “connection before correction.” In addition to being a parent coach, Sarah co-leads support groups and transition workshops with Willows in the Wind, a Bay Area-wide non-profit serving parents of teens with mental health and behavioral issues. Sarah also facilitates support groups for parents of young adults 18+ (failure to launch) with the Oakland-based non-profit, Family Sanity. Sarah is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

What our clients have said:

Inge’s coaching has helped me totally revolutionize my relationship with my daughter. My newfound inner peace helps prevent her meltdowns and we now enjoy our time together.  – S.

Sarah has taught me parenting skills that have completely changed how I interact with my 18-year old daughter. While it’s still a work in progress, our home is much more peaceful these days.  – A.

Our kids used to run our household and didn’t do any chores.  Inge helped us teach them in a loving and firm way - they now do their chores and are much happier!  – H. & R. 

I've learned a TON from our few sessions and I'm very grateful to you.  I feel like I've made a very important shift in my thinking and have gained confidence to use these new tools and we're getting good results with the kids.  -- LG



*Zoom is an excellent video conferencing service, available at no charge to participants.

You can download the app to your device at

Anchor 1

Session Themes

Themes are subject to change as we move through the material.  If you want to attend a session for a particular theme, please contact Sarah before signing up.


  • Family Agreements: Safety & Connection

  • Creating Consistency and Accountability

  • Breakdowns and repairs

  • Improving Communication, Part 1

    • Impact of anger/fear/disappointment

    • Validation Skills, Active Listening

    • Role play & practice

  • Improving Communication, Part 2

    • De-escalating Conflict

    • Role play & practice

  • Setting and Maintaining Limits

    • Calmly, Consistently, Creatively, Collaboratively


  • Dealing w/Relapse/Setbacks

  • What’s Next?

  • Hearing From Parents/Teens 


  • Identifying Your Family Patterns

  • Victimhood: Our Thoughts -- Our Stories


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