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I love working with clients who are highly motivated to have a more fulfilling and joyful life.  

As part of our work together, I help you see and make better choices so you can live a life free from emotional pain and move towards a happiness that for many can seem unimaginable.

I slow down and really listen to each person who comes to me, and I will work with you when there is a really strong mutual fit.  Before we get into a coaching relationship, we sit down and talk about your life and what it is you’re looking for.

To start with, you will receive a complimentary session where we explore your current situation - where you are at and where you'd like to be.  You will get a taste of how I listen, how I care and what I can do for you.

If that goes well, we’ll actually have 1-2 more sessions, where we do a deeper dive on goals, aspirations and obstacles.

And if that goes well, then we spend 6 or more months together where we find and walk a path towards your goals and aspirations that works for you, and - with me by your side - you will take steps towards a happy and contented life.

Typically I spend anywhere from 6 months to several years with a client.  We connect 2 – 3 times a week, for an average of about 30 minutes each.  By using a video service (Skype, FaceTime, or similar), we create an atmosphere that's close to being in person and is convenient for you.

If that sounds like an amazing and promising future for you, contact me here.

No more going it alone!


My work is founded on age-old wisdom principles (The Golden Rule, "Love is all we need") that have been spelled out in a highly succinct way by Dr. Greg Baer.  My coaching is also influenced by Byron Katie, who encourages us to examine and re-evaluate our often crazy thinking.

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