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Would you like to feel closer and more connected to your children?
Would you like a family life that's peaceful, fun and calm?

What's your reality?
Kids who sulk, withdraw, or talk back, scream – chaos?
Kids who've stopped going to school, don't lift a finger around the house?

Hang on - there is hope!

I have lived through all the above.  Like many parents, I alternated between either being too permissive or, when I lost my patience, being angry and overly restrictive.  Neither worked well at all!


What my kids needed most from me was attention, love, patience, and a feeling of safety that's supported by healthy limits. 


But I felt overwhelmed most of the time, was often overworked, and had very little support for myself. 


It was a painful process, and my kids suffered. One of them decided that he would try as many drugs as possible to dull his pain.  After an agonizing year of drug testing, lots of truancy, and him running away, we found a Wilderness Treatment Program and then a Therapeutic Boarding School for him.  Those two programs saved his life. 

Meanwhile I found the support I needed for myself.  I joined a parent support group and also started working with a coach.  And my family dynamics started to change for the better.  As I felt stronger - with the caring support and teaching from my coach - I was able to love and teach my children - finding a good combination of loving them and setting limits for them.

I was able to apply all this experience to parenting my own kids, and it paid off!  One of them now lives with me while attending college.  He works hard and loves his classes.  He participates in the housework.  But most of all, he is a caring, happy and responsible person!  My other son lives away from home, is successful at his work and maintains deep, loving relationships with his friends. This is a dream-come-true for me!


I have helped and supported many parents in finding the balance between love and healthy limits.


Call me if you want to talk about your parenting adventures and woes.  As you learn and feel supported, you'll be amazed how your family life will change!  As you become stronger and more loving, your children will feel that and respond by being more calm, kind and responsible. 

I can help you create a strong and loving space for them, where they feel safe and supported.  When they feel this non-wavering, strong support, they can grow emotionally and spiritually.  They can push off from that place and learn to fly – becoming loving and responsible adults.

You don't have to do this by yourself!

Get the skills training and caring support you've been wanting!

Call me or write – my contact info is right below.

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