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Our Teenagers are home:
Now what do WE do?

5-Session Support Class for Parents of Teens and Preteens
(on Zoom)

with experienced Parent Coaches Inge Jechart and Sarah MacKay Lynch

  • Read every parenting book but still frustrated with your teen at times – or scared?

  • Struggling with limit-setting and following through?

  • Wondering HOW and WHEN you will get YOUR life back?


What would it feel like to:

  • Address parenting challenges calmly

  • Replace frustration with curiosity and understanding

  • Connect with other parents who are experiencing similar challenges

  • Practice setting/holding limits without losing connection




Our Teenagers Are Home: Now What Do WE Do?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with this situation?  Are your teenagers hiding out in their rooms playing video games all day? Are your teens content to let you do all the housework?  (Are they running the house instead of you?)

You’re not alone - that’s the state many families/households are in!  Most of us did not receive the parenting training that allows us to firmly, AND LOVINGLY, guide and direct our children to be productive and happy members of our household and the community.

In this 5 session class + support group you will learn and be supported in implementing changes that will empower you as a parent and will help your children feel more loved, understood and supported.


  • Tips for Surviving and Thriving While Your Teen is at Home

  • Kick-Starting Your Family’s Journey Back to Love and Connection

  • How to Communicate More Effectively with your Teen (and How to Really Listen)

  • Setting and Holding Limits Calmly, Lovingly, Effectively

  • Creating Agreements


Themes are subject to change as we move through the material. 


Package of 5 Sessions:  $125


      - 5 two-hour Zoom classes / support sessions

      - one 30-minute private coaching session

      - additional coaching sessions available at reduced rates

      - email support for the duration of class
      - access to additional resources

Contact Sarah: 

Inge Jechart, Ph.D., is a certified Parent and Relationship Coach and the mother of two adult sons.  She coaches parents and couples from all over the country and abroad.  She has facilitated a local support group for over 10 years and hosts a national support call that’s available to anyone.  She was a board member of the Monarch Parents Foundation, an organization that provides support and programming to families with children at risk.  There she helped create and conduct a variety of parenting education and support programs.
Sarah MacKay Lynch, M.A., is a certified Parent Coach, former high school teacher and the mother of a newly minted 19 year old. Sarah’s parenting credo is “connection before correction.” In addition to being a parent coach, Sarah co-leads support groups and transition workshops with Willows in the Wind, a Bay Area-wide non-profit serving parents of teens with mental health and behavioral issues. Sarah also facilitates support groups for parents of young adults 18+ (failure to launch) with the Oakland-based non-profit, Family Sanity. Sarah is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

What our clients have said:

Inge’s coaching has helped me totally revolutionize my relationship with my daughter. My newfound inner peace helps prevent her meltdowns and we now enjoy our time together.  – S.

Sarah has taught me parenting skills that have completely changed how I interact with my 18-year old daughter. While it’s still a work in progress, our home is much more peaceful these days.  – A.

Our kids used to run our household and didn’t do any chores.  Inge helped us teach them in a loving and firm way - they now do their chores and are much happier!  – H. & R. 

I've learned a TON from our few sessions and I'm very grateful to you.  I feel like I've made a very important shift in my thinking and have gained confidence to use these new tools and we're getting good results with the kids.  -- LG



*Zoom is an excellent video conferencing service, available at no charge to participants.

You can download the app to your device at




June 23 -  July 21

7:00 - 9:00 pm PDT

Online, using Zoom*

Each session will start with about 60 minutes of parenting teaching and Q&A, then will continue as a support group where parents can share their challenges and get support and coaching from the teachers.

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